Specialized in Obstetric Gynecologist  

Our doctors are committed to helping women achieve their best health and address complex issues related to fertility, pregnancy, and birth, in addition to gynecological concerns. We have extensive experience of managing all conditions affecting the female reproductive organs, using the latest equipment and innovative procedures for diagnosis and treatment.


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Kampala Family Clinic is essentially a family practice. In that vein we strive to provide comprehensive care to patients of all ages with a variety of conditions. In addition to general medicine we provide preventive care as well as management of chronic conditions. We coordinate our care with other professionals so that your health and emotional needs are roundly met. We will equip you with the information and techniques you need to manage your health better and to lead a higher quality of life.

We are dedicated to developing a lasting, caring relationship with you and your family


Specialized alternative care

Pediatrics Clinics
Our Pediatrics Department has a team of child specialists who are dedicated to giving you professional advice on child health and to give your child the special care they need in a kid-friendly non-threatening environment. The services on offer include:
General Pediatrics; we investigate and treat all medical conditions commonly seen in children on an out-patient basis.

Specialized Treatment; we help arrange referrals and promptly link clients with unique conditions and complications to our network of appropriate specialists/institutions-both within and outside Uganda-for more effective treatment.

Well-Baby Clinics; these are held to prevent the onset of diseases and for the early detection of risk factors in babies to allow for timely interventions. We conduct growth monitoring, general health and neuro-development assessments, immunizations, health and nutrition education, de-worming, hearing and vision screening and TB screening for children at risk among others.

Pre-Term Clinics; we do follow-up on prematurely born babies up to the safe age of about 2 years.


Specialized alternative care

Pediatrics Clinics

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Specialized alternative care

Nurses are considered the true heart of healthcare. They ensure that patients get the best care possible by ascertaining that the patient is comfortable and well taken care of.

Our nurses team up with our doctors to assist them in the overall management of patients. They undertake a series of nursing activities that include assessing the medical condition of the patient for proper diagnosis and effective treatment. They will dialogue with you in order to understand your needs and to deliver care that focuses on restoring health and enhanced quality of life. They do liaise with other departments to ensure timely and appropriate interventions for patients.
The Department’s head oversees nursing activities and provides leadership. She ensures that the Guidelines for Professional Nursing and those for Client Centred Care are adhered to..


Specialized alternative care

Laboratory services are an integral part of disease diagnosis, treatment, monitoring response to treatment and clinical research.
Our lab technical staff help in the investigation process by carrying out various manual and automated analysis tests as requested for by the treating doctor, both internal and external. They do prepare and outsource specimens for some of the more complex investigations to competent partner laboratories. They maintain logs and records of tests done and routinely carry out quality control measures to ensure accuracy and consistency of investigation results.

The Department is headed by the Lead Technician who supervises lab activities and ensures that Guidelines for Good Clinical Laboratory Practices are followed.
If you are an organization that is planning for a field event such as those with a health theme, or if you are a healthcare institution that is looking for clinical lab services of consistent quality, KFC Lab stands readily of service to you.
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Specialized alternative care

At ACMS, we take pride in offering state-of-the-art Audiometry and Spirometry services to help you maintain optimal hearing and respiratory health. Our highly trained and experienced medical professionals conduct these specialized tests to provide accurate and actionable insights into your hearing and lung function.